Truffle Herefordshire

Business Terms and Conditions

Completing an application to join Truffle Herefordshire does not guarantee that your business will be included.

Truffle Herefordshire is exclusively for local independent businesses operating within Herefordshire and offering products or services to the general public. All applications will be verified and the applicants contacted for clarification as necessary.

The Truffle Card is designed to promote Herefordshire independent businesses to increase sales. It works by emulating “Martin’s Money Saving Tips” and “My Voucher Codes”. In short there will be a monthly email of offers from the participating businesses which will be collated by Truffle Herefordshire, backed up by an easy to use website.

Basically the business joins the scheme and agrees to the following:

  1. Encouraging their customers to sign up to get a Truffle Card. This should be in store, socially if possible, and if you have a mailing list an invitation would be very useful.
  2. Pass all the sign ups straight onto Truffle Herefordshire.
  3. Submit offers that are exclusive and WORTHWHILE for Truffle cardholders consistently. This scheme will not work unless the Truffle cardholder has good regular offers so if you normally offer 10% off it is no good just offering that to the cardholder.
  4. Submit offers regularly by email or online. You can do this on a monthly basis or you can set up your years worth of offers and send those through to Truffle Herefordshire.
  5. Print off the offer email monthly and make sure it is available in store for folks that do not have email.

Businesses must not be of an "adult" nature - Truffle Herefordshire is a family friendly scheme.

The rewards for the business: You will have shared access to the Truffle cardholders to promote your business to them, and you will be part of a scheme that aims to redress the balance from huge corporates to smaller local businesses.

The catch: There isn't one – it's free to join too!

Ideas for offers: This is up to you but please note that we need your on-going positive approach and support to ensure that Truffle cardholders have exclusive and beneficial ideas. A percentage discount is one option, but how about an extra free item with certain purchases, or a special price deal on a popular product or service?

Please note: Completing an application to join Truffle Herefordshire does not guarantee that your business will be included. Membership is subject to the discretion of the Truffle Board.

Last updated 24th May 2018