Truffle Herefordshire

Truffle Herefordshire Point-of-Sale Materials

As businesses we know our customers can shop anywhere. We want them to shop with us. Truffle promotes Herefordshire Independent Businesses and helps them to flourish. In return we ask participating businesses to promote Truffle Herefordshire to their customers, and have provided a selection of good quality POS materials with a consistent style and image to help you do so.

Participating businesses receive an initial POS pack containing materials we believe will be suited to your business size and layout. If you require more or different POS or sign-up packs please contact us and we will be pleased to provide them (subject to availability).

The red circle promotional label is self-adhesive and will peel off easily to be replaced for different promotions.

In addition some POS materials are available as PDF files on this page, which you can download and print yourself as required.

Of course the best way to promote Truffle Herefordshire to your customers is by talking to them about it. Please convey your enthusiasm for the scheme to your customers, then everyone will benefit.

Example POS Displays

These photos show just some examples of how to promote Truffle Herefordshire to your customers.

If you have photos of your display please send them to us. We will add a selection of the best displays to this page to inspire other businesses.

Truffle Herefordshire POS Truffle Herefordshire POS Truffle Herefordshire POS
Display in store with your Truffle Treat
(FIT, Hereford)
Customer sign-up packs at the checkout
(FIT, Hereford)
Shop window display
(School Uniform Shop, Hereford)

Downloadable POS Materials

These documents are all in PDF format which can be viewed and printed using the free Adobe Reader software or DOC format which can be edited and printed with Microsoft Office or the free LibreOffice.

This is of course quicker than waiting for supplies to be sent to you. They could also be useful if you need a specific size for your display, as you can adjust this in the Adobe Reader printer settings.

Although some of these indicate a size (such as A3) they can of course be printed at any size to suit your display requirements.

If you want something different please contact us and if we have it we'll send it to you.

A3 Poster Display Board A3 Empty Belly Portrait A3 Empty Belly Template
Poster with "Sign Up Today" circle splash
Display board to promote customer sign-up packs
With A4 space to attach your Truffle Treat
With space to type in your Truffle Treat
Card Front Card Front A3 Empty Belly Portrait
Large card image to print, cut out and attach to your display
"Accepted Here" sticker to place in window or near checkout
With A4 space to attach your Truffle Treat

Website Logos

If you have a website please place one of these logos in a prominent position with link back to to show your involvement with the scheme.

We Accept Truffle HerefordshireWe Accept Truffle HerefordshireWe Accept Truffle Herefordshire

The sample HTML code below should display the images correctly on your website, however you may need to modify it to suit your style and layout. If you prefer you can download the images and save them on your web server. If you need any help please contact our webmaster.